Saturday, July 9, 2016

Out Now !! SHR011 : PROLETARIART 孤立する否定の精神 - Cassette Tapes

Noise Hc/Punk  from Aichi,Japan !

Original release from Blurred Records in CD in 2013.
19 killer tracks !

Limited 100 copy !
any order please email to :

also can contact the band here :Goro Suzuki

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Out Now !! SHR010 : Split Veins "S/T" - Cassette Tapes

 Out Now !! SHR010 : Split Viens "S/T"   - Cassette Tapes

Debut album members of NAILBITER picking up where they left their previous band. 
8 Distorted hardcore punk tracks with lots of delay which takes BOTH the golden era of Japanese and Sweden hardcore as template. 

One of the best London releases in a long time. - lavidaesunmus

Limited 100 copy
any order please email to :

Original 12" release by Godzilla Records

Local Band Demo : Losst - Cassette Release and Bombräd (upcoming)

Losst (Mentakab,Pahang) Demo Cassette out now !

listen here promo track 

Can contact the band to get your own copy !!

Promo track Bombräd for upcoming demo, listen here, Great band !!

Losst Release Party Demo with Fissure !!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Release Soon !! Split Viens s/t on Cassette Tapes and Proletariart ‎– 孤立する否定の精神 - on Cassette Tapes

click here to listen - split viens s/t LP 
( U.K Distortion Dbeat !! )

click here to listen - Proletariart
( Japanese HC / Dbeat Raw Punx )

Each title will be pressed limited 100 copy only.
Hit me if you want get a copy or wholesale !!